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Long-Term Care Partnership

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Long-Term Care Partnership

Maintain your health while securing your independence and hard-earned financial assets.

Most people would rather not think about the possibility of needing long-term care. But as we get older, and because we are living longer, the likelihood that we will need some kind of assistance is very real. Because of the rising costs of home health and nursing care, many seniors are forced to turn to their children for help in funding their care or make the difficult decision to use up or sell off a large portion of their financial resources to become eligible for Medicaid. 

The Arkansas Long-Term Care Partnership can help you avoid these painful decisions, maintain your independence, and secure your hard-earned financial resources and property.  The Partnership is a new innovation in long-term care that partners private insurance coverage with Arkansas Medicaid.   It is aimed at rewarding Arkansans who plan ahead for their future long-term care needs by providing private long-term care coverage and the ability to receive Medicaid benefits while holding onto a larger portion of their assets. 


Governor Beebe Launches the Partnership
On June 26, 2008 Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe officially launched the Long-Term Care Partnership in Arkansas, calling the program "a new remedy to help Arkansans preserve what they've earned."  Click here to see the press release and a video of his remarks.